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  • Product name: WLR-713 LIDAR
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WLR-713

WLR-713 can be applied to aided driving or remotely piloted area with the vision from vehicle environment model. The system can perceive the neighboring environmental distance and provide location information for cars. Then the system also can process data and establish models for images of environment.

WLR-713 can measure long distance with high measurement frequency, and high precision in restoration of environmental objects. The product has high-speed processor, high-speed motor and strong capacity in space modeling, especially suitable for unmanned driving of vehicles. WLR-713 has small and delicate structure with small power consumption and embedded structure design can be conducted according to the structure of the vehicle.

8L-LiDAR(8 layers LiDAR), industrial-level electric and structural design, meeting applications at the level of car regulations;

Beam reshaping by micro lens, multi-circuit high precision timing circuit, and high-frequency laser pulse occurrence technology;

Amount of point cloud output per second reaching 144,000 points for accurate recovery of the 3D image of the measured subjects.


WLR-713 satisfied the demand of automatic driving towards real-timespace perception. In order to achieve the unmanned vehicle goal, the system can acquire information of neighboring barriers and road distance automatically in a correct and high-efficient way. Additionally, the system can automatically recognize space, avoid collision and plan routes.

WLR-713 would become the basic perception module for Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) and automatic driving.


Measuring distance//ranging precision:75m/± 6cm

Horizontal field angle:Max:90°

Horizontal resolution:0.5°/1°

Vertical field angle/vertical resolution:6.4° /0.8°

Scanning frequency:25Hz&50Hz

Laser wavelength/safety level:905nm/Level (eye safety)

Operating voltage:24±4VDC

Protection class:IP68

Operating/storage temperature:-40℃ -80℃ /-50℃ -85℃

Smart driving

WLR-713 is the "eye" of vehicle, which can obtain the distance and reflectance information in the surrounding environment, and model and image the environment through data processing. It features long measurement distance, high measurement frequency, high-precision restoration of environmental objects, low operation power consumption and compact structure, thus being very suitable for embedded applications to be integrated with the vehicle body, stable and beautiful.