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  • Product name: WLR-711B LiDAR
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WLR-711B

The system has been widely used in multiple industries including passenger flow detection, timber measurement, counterpoint of planes, and coal inventory measurement and detection. The system has adopted unique design of light paths with small spots to improve the accuracy, frequency and distance of scanning.

Special design of optical structures, direct reshaping through micro lens, detection distance of reflecting surface as 70 meters;

High precision timing and pulse width correction algorithm with the precision as ±17mm.

Scanning finely with high-frequency scanning, precisely restoring the fine outline of the measured objects.



Dimensions/weigh:t280 x 170 x 127 mm / 5 Kg

Divergence angle:3.2mrad (horizontal)/2.0mrad (vertical)

Measuring distance /ranging precision:70m/±17mm (10% reflecting surface)

Scanning angle:Max: 90°

Scanning frequency/angle resolution:Fine mode:50Hz/0.09°

                                                    Normal mode:100Hz/0.18°

                                                    Fast mode: 200Hz/0.36°

Laser wavelength/safety level:905nm/ Level 1 (eye safety)

Operating voltage:24±4VDC

Protection class:IP68

Operating/storage temperature:-40℃-80℃/-40℃-80℃

 Detection of passenger amount and flow direction

 Timber volume measurement

Control of counterpoint of planes

Coal inventory volume

Volume measurement