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  • Product name: WLR-711 LiDAR
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  • Code: WLR-711

  WanJi has great achievements to apply LiDAR in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) industry. WanJi LiDAR WLR-711 would perform three major functions:

  l  Vehicle classification

  2  Traffic data collection (vehicle counting, speed measure and vehicle classification)

  3  Vehicle dimension measurement (length, width and height).

  Additionally, WanJi develops laser sensor to achieve induction and vehicle separation functions in Weigh-In-Motion Direct Enforcement System and Multi-Lane Free Lane system.

  The LiDAR has high point density and smaller divergence to achieve better digital quality. As a result, clients could collect invaluable traffic data for toll system and traffic infrastructure planning. WanJi has installed thousands of LiDAR equipment to demonstrate LiDAR is reliable and has great adaptability in extreme weather.

                                  711 LIDAR Parameters and Specifications

Dimensions/weight  120×130×221mm/3.4Kg
Scan angle 180°
Scan frequency  

50Hz (711E) 

100Hz (711A)

Angle resolution 0.5°/0.25°
Ranging capability  0.5m to 30m @10% reflectance
Ranging error ≤3cm
Supply voltage DC24V±4V
Communication interface Ethernet
Laser Level Class I Human Eye Safety
Wavelength// laser class 905nm// Class 1 (eye safety)
Operating temperature    -40°C~80°C
Protection class IP68
CE Certification Q/IN-WH-5805-18005
Automatic heating function Reliable detection in rain, snow, fog and other inclement weather conditions


                      LiDAR Traffic Data Collection Parameters and Specification

Vehicle counting number error ≤2%
Vehicle classification error ≤10%
Speed measurement range 0~200km/h
The number of detected lanes The largest one supports 10 lanes (60 meters in width), and the other is 8 lanes (30 meters in width).
Data storage time ≥10 years
Structural stability 1Maximum wind resistance 40m/s
Working power supply AC220V±15%, 50Hz±4%; or  DC24V
Total power consumption of the system ≤30W, heating ≤90W (starting heating below -10°C)
Atmospheric pressure 50Kpa-106 Kpa
Relative humidity ≤98%
Working temperature -40°C~80°C
Mean Time Between Failure ≥ 50000h

                           LiDAR Vehicle Dimension Measurement Specifications

Length error If vehicle length is less than 10 meters, the error ≤ 30cm; if vehicle length 10m, the error ≤ 3%
Width error ≤10cm
Height error ≤10cm
System power consumption ≤ 40W, heating ≤ 240W (starting heating below 5°C)
Working temperature -40°C~80°C

                                      LiDAR vehicle classification system specifications

Overall classification accuracy ≥99%

passenger/goods vehicle distinguishing accuracy

Motor buses not classified
false classification(according to  statistical basis of Goods vehicles) ≤0.3%
Tanker vehicles not classified ≤5%
false classification( according to statistical basis of non-tanker goods vehicles)  ≤0.5%
Axle number measurement accuracy ≥99.5%
single/double tire recognition accuracy ≥99.5%
Detected speed range  0~100km/h
Data storage term ≥10y
Structural stability MAX: resistant to wind at 40m/s
Power consumption ≤20W
under heating mode ≤80W ( this function will be activated at -10℃ or below)
Atmosphere pressure 50Kpa—106 Kpa
Humidity ≤98%
Operating temperature -40℃~80℃
MTBF ≥50000h

                                LiDAR Traffic Data Collection System Side Layout

                            LiDAR Traffic Data Collection System Side Layout

                        One Gantry LiDAR Dimension Measurement systems

                                    Vehicle classification systems at highway toll gate

                                 3D point cloud image of rear twin axle vehicle