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  • Product name: W-115B two-piece type OBU
  • 产品名称: Two-piece type OBU
  • Code: W-115B

  WanJi OBU (model: W-115B) is a part of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), which can be inserted different types of IC cards. WanJi OBU (model: W-115B) has key cryptography to guarantee the transaction security. WanJi developed RSU to make transaction with OBU by using DSRC 5.8GHz.

  Additionally, WanJi adopts radio frequency to achieve the high performance for OBU transaction.


IC card interface

ISO/IEC14443TYPE-A Standard

Fully support ETC dual-interface CPU card

Power supply mode The product adopts dual-mode power supply which is solar cell and lithium cell. Furthermore, the product adopts intelligent power management.
Lithium cell 3.6V/1200mAh
The average operation time without a fault >50,000h
Communication interface Mini USB
Tampering protection Mechanical protection and electronic protection
User Interface Bi-color LED indicator (red and green), buzzer, LED back-lit character display.
Overall dimension 94×66×25mm
Weight 80g

The product buttons on both sides

Check balance and transaction history

Enclosure material ABS+PC
The product installation method 3M double-sided adhesive tape and multi-angle installation supported
Operating temperature range -25℃~+70℃(cold region -40℃~70℃)
Operating humidity range 5% ~ 100%
Static electricity 8kV