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  • Product name: Bench-type toll-by-weight system
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  • Code: DCS-30K

Wanji Technology developed the single-bench toll-by-weight system which adopts a patented structure with the mechanical-beam bench as the weighing platform and four high-accuracy sensors built in, so as to meet the requirements of long-time efficient operation on the system.


  Bench size: 3.5 * 0.8m (common lane); 4.2 * 0.8m (ultra-wide lane)

  Rated load: 30t

  Maximum overload capability: 200%F.S

  Accuracy level: Level 5 (whole vehicle weighing accuracy)

  Axle or axle group weighing accuracy: Level E

  Protection level of weighing sensor: IP68

  Operating temperature: -40℃~ +80℃

  MTBF: ≥ 20000h