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  • Product name: Compound pass card
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Dual-frequency compound pass card has 5.8GHz+13.56MHz.

High transaction success rate

The product is sensitive so it can install any place in a vehicle with high identification success rate.

Stable, safe and reliable performance

The product use high quality chips so it can have excellent performance. Additionally, the product can have stable operation under inclement weather.

Furthermore, the product use National Cryptographic Algorithm Level hardware which has high security.2 Qualification, with high safety.

Low power consumption and long product life

The product adopts intelligent power management which all circuit module share one dynamic power supply. This design guarantee long-time product life.  

The product can have stable operation under the inclement weather.

Rich color

Compound pass cards have many color options. The product case is sanding so customer have better touching experience.

The product insists three technical codes:<Short-Range Communications for Electronic Toll Collection GB/T20851> 、<Technical Requirements for Networked Electronic Toll Collection for Toll Roads>、<Technical Requirements for the Ambiguous Path Identification in Networked Toll Collection for Toll Roads>、ISO/IEC14443TYPE-A

Communication frequency Dual-frequency: 5.8GHz、13.56MHz

Power supply Lithium battery

Quiescent current:<2uA

Service life:≥ 5 years

Overall dimension:85.5mm×54mm×5mm

Operating temperature:-25℃~+75℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Operating humidity range:5% ~ 100%

Vibration is comply with GB/T2423.13

Impact is comply with Test Eb and the guideline is comply with GB/T2423.6

Salt fog is comply with GB/T2423.18

Waterproof grade:IP65

Electromagnetic compatibility:ESD air discharge 8kV