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  • Product name: Intelligent dynamic weighing management instrument
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As a professional manufacturer of toll-by-weight equipment, Wanji insists the concept that "Science and Technology Serving Traffic" to design and develop a new intelligent dynamic weighing management instrument. The new intelligent control instrument adopts the dual-system architecture model to guarantee the high stability of the instrument in use. In the meantime, the instrument would provide good interaction experience. The instrument has its automatic fault detection and alarming mechanism to reduce the maintenance costs of products significantly. The instrument has a variety of scalable interfaces to guarantee the use of new technologies. Intelligent instruments contain good software compatibility to allow combination with weighing platforms, dual-weighing scales, whole vehicles and axle group scales directly. The new intelligent instrument has the characteristics such as high stability, good software compatibility, good interface extensibility and low maintenance costs. With its new design and powerful performance, the instrument will bring you a great user experience.

Performance Parameters

CPU: dual-CPU design (CortexA8 + CortexM4)

Operating system: dual operating system design (Linux + uC/OS)

Memory: A8: DDR3 (512M), M4: RAM (2M)

Communication Interfaces: RJ45 network interface (2), USB interface (3),

RS232 (4), RS422 (3), VGA interface (1) and CAN interface (2)

Storage space: A8: NAND (256M) + SD card expansion; M4: SDRAM (512M)

Control: keyboard + touch control

Display: 800 * 480 LCD touch screen

Environmental Parameters

Dimensions: 344 * 210 * 196mm

Weight: 4Kg

Color: silver gray + midnight black

Operating temperature: -40℃~ +80℃

MTBF: ≥ 20000h