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  • Product name: W-103 one-piece type OBU
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: W-103

  Wanji W-103 OBU is one piece type OBU; WanJi installed the chip RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit) as well as RF (radio frequency), so the product can achieve stable and consistent performance. Furthermore, Wanji adopts integrated antenna design to ensure consistency of the heights of the two-way communication zone for radio frequency.

  The product adopts intelligent power management which all circuit module share one dynamic power supply. This design minimizes the product power consumption. Furthermore, the product has larger charging voltage which is 5.5V instead of the traditional 3.6V. The product also can maximize the solar power usage.  Finally, the product has longer service life because OBU adopt zero volt variance for battery charge.

  The OBU has three major advantages:

  Highly safety, Wanji embeds ESAM (Embedded Secure Access Module) and TDES (Triple Data Encryption Standard) in ETC to ensure data accuracy and transaction safety.

  Good directional adaptability, suitable for different installation angles and positions;

  Support data import/export with a hand-held read-write device.


Tag type One-piece
Technical codes  The product insists two codes
Power supply mode  The product adopts dual-mode power supply which is solar cell and lithium cell. Furthermore, the product adopts intelligent power management
Lithium cell 3.6V/1200mAh
Mean time to failure >50,000h
Two major techniques for tampering protection  Mechanical protection and electronic protection
User interface red,green bi-color LED indicator, buzzer
Overall dimension  79mm×50mm×21mm
Enclosure material ABS+PC
The product installation method 3M double-sided adhesive tape and multi-angle installation supported
Operating temperature range -25℃~+70℃(cold region -40℃~70℃)
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
Operating humidity range 5% ~ 100%
Static electricity 8kV
Vibration is comply with GB2423.13 Impact is comply with Test Eb and the guideline in GB2423.6