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  • Product name: Whole-vehicle toll-by-weight system
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: ZDG-100/150-DQ

Wanji Technology integrates the technical strengths in dynamic weighing and whole-vehicle static truck scale perfectly into the whole-vehicle toll-by-weight system which adopts a separate triple axle scale weight station and three connected weight stations to form a whole-vehicle weight station. The unique 1+3 structure can achieve efficient continuous vehicle flow. The product has closed and strict dynamic axle tracking algorithm, so it can ensure the weighing accuracy in the case of the continuous weighing of multiple vehicles.

Bench size : 3.12 * 21m and 3.12 * 18m (common lane); 3.4 *21m and 3.4 * 18m (ultra-wide lane)

Rated load: 100t/150t

Maximum overload capability: 125%F.S

Accuracy level: Level 1 (whole vehicle weighing accuracy, 100t)

Accuracy level: Level 2 (whole vehicle weighing accuracy, 150t)

Protection level of weighing sensor: IP68

Operating temperature: -40℃~ +80℃

MTBF: ≥ 20000h