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  • Product name: OBU+ anti-glare rear view mirror
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The internal rear view mirror installs ETC OBU and has electronic automatic anti-glare function. Therefore the product ensures easy and safe travel.

The product has two advantages which are multifunction and convenience

The product is sensitive so it has high transaction success rate and rule out adjacent lane interference. Furthermore, the product supports Bluetooth connection which have multiple functions such as online activation, online recharging and remote update of programs. Additionally, the product has human voice broadcast and volume is adjustable. Therefore, the product can contribute to safe travel and clear transaction history.


The product has an efficient power management system which can sleep automatically and immediate wake-up function. Furthermore, the product has vehicle storage battery monitoring system which can automatically stop operation to prevent battery exhaustion. Lastly, the product accepts wide range of DC voltage inputs (9-16 V) and cope with the random fluctuation of the vehicle power supply.

Be artistic and durable

ETC product is small and has artistic appearance with anti-glare features.

The product is stable and is guaranteed by the TS 16946 quality system.

Wide application scope

The product supports the urban free flow application and the ETCP parking lot application.

Electronic anti-glare feature

In order to provide comfortable and safe drive experience, the product change color automatically as the lighting changes.

Product form: Integrated with the internal rear view mirror of the vehicle

Technical codes:

The product insists four codes:

1.<Short-Range Communications for Electronic Toll Collection GB/T20851> 

2.<Technical Requirements for Networked Electronic Toll Collection for Toll Roads>

3.<ISO 9001:2008 for Automotive Production>, a quality management Systems

4.< ISO/TS16949-2009>, a service requirement

Bluetooth standard:Bluetooth 4.0BLE

Working voltage:DC 12V (support wide range of voltage inputs 9~16V) or DC 5V (optional)

Operating temperature:-40~85℃

Storage temperature:-40~95℃

Human Machine Interface:Voice broadcast


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Radio Interference Vehicle Code

anti-glare feature

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