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  • Product name: Entrance overloading control solution
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Overweight and overrun of vehicles seriously damage the traffic safety, transportation efficiency and transportation market order. To improve the transportation environment and protect life and property, Wanji Technology proposes the entrance overloading control solution based on dynamic weighing, vehicle identification, variable display, sound and light alarm, remote monitoring, computer network, database and other advanced technologies.

The solution integrate the highway entrance overloading control system and the toll-collection and releasing system. The system can be installed in common toll collection square without the need of expansion and retrofit. As a result, the system allows intelligent non-stop automatic testing and rapid release for trucks on highway.

Product Advantages

Accurate data

High-accuracy equipment in combination with excellent logic algorithms ensures accurate data collection.

Strong expandability

Overrun data can be uploaded to the overrun management platform for unified management and interconnection, thus providing data support for the overrun management of road administra-tion, transportation authority, traffic police and other departments.

Improved safety

The overrun vehicles can be strictly managed so as to effectively reduce traffic accidents and protect life and property.




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