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  • Product name: ETC/MTC mixed toll system solution
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There are two major problems for a toll station due to few lanes, light traffic and limited land for expansion:

1. High cost for a ETC lane construction.

2. A ETC lane would occupy a whole road lane and waste road resource due to there are few ETC vehicles and the ETC usage rate is low. As a result, there would be more congestion in MTC lanes.

Wanji Technology provides core equipment and solutions for the ETC/MTC mixed toll system. The solution provides more convenient trip for ETC users and avoid waste of resources by the ETC lanes.

Wanji installed RSU antennas on the existing MTC lanes. Wanji could provide ETC and MTC services in one lane simultaneously by installing microwave antennas and adjusted its heights and angles. As a result, the problems including interferences from following vehicles and adjacent lane can be prevented.

                                                                     Sichuan Freeway

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