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  • Product name: Traffic Condition Survey System
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The survey of highway traffic conditions (hereinafter referred to as "traffic survey") is an important means to learn about the road network operation information such as highway traffic volume and freight volume. It is an important data support for road network management, and also basic work for providing highway traffic information service for the public.

Based on the WLR-710 laser traffic survey system, Wanji Technology has developed the WDL-I-864 traffic survey system. With advanced pattern recognition algorithm, laser traffic survey can accurately perceive vehicles' 3D outline, so as to achieve automatic model classification of motor vehicles (based on the requirements of motor vehicle class II), traffic statistics, spot speed detection and other functions. The system has been tested by the Ministry of Transportation to fully meet the needs of survey of highway traffic conditions.

System performance:

Detects motor vehicle model, traffic volume, spot speed, time headway, following percent, space headway, time occupancy rate and other traffic parameters;

Supports simultaneous traffic statistics on multiple lanes, which users can set based on actual road conditions;

Adopts excellent ARM9 industrial processor and embedded real-time operating system, thus being stable and reliable;

Not rely on external light source, free from affected by external light, and good detection effect at night;

Has automatic heating function, thus being stable in performance in fog, rain and snow;

Can perform statistics as per lanes and directions;

The system is convenient to upgrade, so that a variety of models can be customized as required by users;

Supports TCP / IP network transmission and wireless transmission, so that users can make choice flexibly;

Supports large-capacity SD card, which can be used for massive data storage, and data can be stored for 10 years;

Supports RS232/422 serial communication;

Supports real-time data transmission and transmission based on data processing cycle;

Has automatic call recovery and data breakpoint resume capability;

Has automatic fault detection and real-time reporting functions;

Has the functions of automatic lane change detection and prompt;

Supports solar power supply;

Simple for construction and commissioning and easy for maintenance and product upgrades.

Traffic statistics precision:≥98%

Comprehensive model identification precision:≥ 90% (Class II model classification)

Speed detection range:0~200km/h

Average speed test precision:≥ 95%

Number of detected lanes:Up to 10 lanes (installed in the middle of road, 60 meters wide)

                                      Support 8 lanes installed RSU(30 meters wide)

Operating temperature:-55℃ ~70℃

MTBF:≥ 50000h

  A variety of installation methods

Four lane pole type roadside installation site




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