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  • Product name: Off-site enforcement system for management of overweight and overrun vehicles
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At present, There are two main methods for overweight and overrun management: 1. the low-speed overweight and overrun testing conducted by staff. 2. mixed high- and low-speed testing. However, the two methods are not successful to meet the current requirements of evolving road traffic safety management.

Based on the deep understanding of market demands and the development trend of the transportation system, Wanji Technology integrated the company's superior product resources to launched the first off-site enforcement system for management of overweight and overrun vehicles in China. The product integrates the high-speed dynamic weighing system,the traffic video monitoring system, laser contour scanning detection system and comprehensive law enforcement management platform to provide a new law enforcement mode to control overweight and overrun.

Product Advantage

Reliable data:Owns the Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments and the China Metrology Certification as the basis for law enforcement.

Effective real time: Unattended around-the-clock enforcement can test all vehicles at certain section.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency:Do not need to land requisition and infrastructure construction. Reduce the initial law enforcement cost significantly.

Highly informationized: Information data collection and law enforcement management platform are integrated to achieve networked and collaborative law enforcement.

Violation source tracing: Trace the carrier companies of overweight and overrun transportation, eliminating overweight and overrun behaviors from the source.

High accuracy: GB Level 5.

Highly reusable: The sensors can be reused to improve the lifespan, thus being highly cost effective.

Long lifespan: The sensors can operate continuously when there are cracks and tracks on the road.

Good stability: The sensors are not affected by the changing ambient temperature, ensuring accurate weighing.

Wide application scope: The system can be used on urban roads, highways and national/provincial roads, which can be used for monitoring and protection of roads and bridges.

The product is easy to install and free to maintein: The narrow-strip weighing sensor has independent intellectual property rights. The sensorrequires small construction workload, which causes less damage to the road. it can be effectively protected against wind, sand, rain and water, thus being maintenance-free after installation.


额定轴载荷(单轴): 30t
过载能力(单轴): 200%
动态称量误差: ≤±2.5%,国标5级
准确称重速度范围: 0~80Km/h
车辆捕获率: ≥95%
流量误差: <5%
轴距误差: ±150mm
工作温度: -40℃~+80℃
相对工作湿度: 0~95%
称重传感器防护等级: IP68





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