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  • Product name: Portable dynamic truck scale
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: HPS-30B


Wanji Technology has applied world-leading dynamic weighing technology to axle load testing successfully. We have developed the HPS-30B portable dynamic truck scale to meet users' needs on mobile law enforcement testing.It can be arranged on dedicated law enforcement vehicles to conduct high-accuracy dynamic overweight detection at any time on trucks. The product is efficient in testing, rich in features, and simple and flexible in operation.

  Product Advantages

  High reliability

  The sensor has fully sealed structure, so it can work normally in harsh

  environments. The product also has unique corner oblique outgoing line

  facilitates to protect the signal line plug from being rolled over by wheel.

  Good waterproofness

  The plug is wrapped by special waterproof jacket, so the product has good water resistence.

  Easy to use

  A variety of shortcut keys facilitate the testing operation.

  Perfect material

  The testing plate is made of high-quality aviation materials Lc9, a high-

  strength super-hard aluminum alloy,high in strength and light in weight.


额定轴载荷(双台板):30 t


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