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  • Product name: Outline Size Measurement System for Motor Vehicles
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Based on advanced laser detection technology, the outline size measurement system for motor vehicles can measure the data of length, width and height of vehicles with 3D point cloud information of the vehicle obtained through scanning and ranging, which features high measurement precision, strong anti-interference capability and so on.

The measurement system is mainly composed of three laser scanning sensors and a central data collection control cabinet. With the laser detection technology, the front-end device is simple for installation and small in construction workload. It can conduct quantitative detection of outline length, width and height of vehicles, while obtains the outline information of vehicles such as axle base, wheelbase and front and rear suspension, thus improving the efficiency and precision, helping vehicle detection workshop increase revenue, and effectively reducing the detection time for owners.

Measurement precision:±2cm or ± 1%, fully meeting the precision requirements on automatic outline size measurer in the national standard

                                 "GB21861-2014 Items and Methods of Motor Vehicles Safety Technology Inspection"

Size measurement range:2~25 meters (length), 1.5~4 meters (width) and 1.2~5 meters (height)

Operating temperature:-40℃~80℃


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