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  • Product name: WER17-01 Parking lot RSU
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WER17-01

The product is a parking lot antenna which is combination of antenna and controller. The product is delicate and easy to maintain.

The product is compact and light

The product is easy to install and maintain;

The product is light and delicate which is like an A5 paper. The weigh is less than 2kg;

The product is easy to install and save construction cost.

Diverse scenarios

The product is adjustable toward various sensitive and communication zones;

The product is applied to the various public parking management such as schools, hospitals,

​governments, factories, office buildings and communities.

The product has strong environmental adaptability

The product has high level of safety and reliability;

Firstly, the system can work in any inclement weather due to the product has IP67 protection grade;

Secondly, the system can monitor and manage equipment in 24 hours;

Thirdly, the system can process more than one OBUs simultaneously due to the product has anti-collision mechanism;

Fourthly, the system is safe and reliable due to the product has EMC protection.

More additional services

Firstly, the system supports remote device firmware upgrade;

Secondly, the system supports real-time transaction information uploading and offline operation.;Additionally, the system has mass storage;

Thirdly, the system supports protocols for customization service;

Fourthly, the system supports dynamic libraries for secondary development.

High transaction success rate

Firstly, the system has high transaction success rate due to the system has automatic temperature compensation function for power transmission and receiver sensitivity;

Secondly, the system supports synchronization for multi-antennas to rule out adjacent lane signal interference;

Thirdly, the system supports the multi-OBU positioning technology to rule out the following vehicles problem.

Technical codes:

The product insists three codes:

1.<Short-Range Communications for Electronic Toll Collection GB/T20851> 

2.<Technical Requirements for Networked Electronic Toll Collection for Toll Roads>

3.<The ETC for the Urban Roads & Bridges in Wuhan WH/T1-2009>

Working mode: the product supports independent antenna operation for single day as well as automatic networking synchronization for multiple days.

Power input:9-30V DC input (support 220V AC input for optional parts)

The maximum transaction records stored:> 100,000 pieces (support external memory expansion with TF cards)

Communication zone: When the product is installed on the height of 3m,the product can be adjusted within the 5m*2.8m of the transaction zone.(the zone can be adjusted in light of the environment)

External communication interface:

The product supports communication through Ethernet port, RS485, RS232 and Wiegand.

The product supports external IO communication which can control the barrier and the access coil simultaneously.

All communication interfaces have protective circuits and support 3G and 4G wireless communication (optional).

PSAM card slot number: 4

Operating temperature range: -25℃~+70℃(cold region -40℃~70℃)

Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃

Waterproof grade:The RSU antenna meets IP67

Service life:>10 years

Mean time to failure: >70000h

Enclosure material:ABS+aluminum alloy

Product weight: 2kg

Overall dimension:265mmX175mmx52.5mm

Installation method:Front installation, lateral installation; supporting the adjustment in more than 3 directions

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