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Furthermore, ERI can perform multiple functions including information classification, massive and accurate data collection, dynamic vehicle data collection.ERI breaks the bottleneck of the traditional traffic information collection technique.  Chinese Ministry of Public Security designed and promoted the ERI technology.ERI become a model for vehicle identification and even high-technology traffic system in China.

[Linear polarized antenna]

Easy installation

The product is small and easy to install.  The product can operate in many scenarios.

At the same time, the product has the powerful structural part of the antenna in many scenarios.

The product has strong anti-interference feature

The product’s antenna standing-wave ratio is less than 1.2. The product has wide bandwidth, good standing-wave ratio and strong anti-interference feature. The product can work with various RFID readers. The product has a horizontal beam which has a low minor level and good control range, so product can resist interference from other devices.

High reliability

The product has outdoor antenna, high protection grade and reliable performance.



Adjusting range:Horizontal:-30°~+30°



Operating temperature:-40℃~+60℃

operating humidity range:5% ~ 100%

Operating frequency:920-925MHz

Standing-wave ratio:≤ 1.2

Gain:> 10dBi

Lobe width:Horizontal: 35°



Interface:N-type interface

 Security administration

License management on involved vehicles


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