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  • Product name: WLR-712 LIDAR
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WLR-712

The radar has a compact structure with one stream for launch and one stream for reception, and it is characterized as easy utilization, high repetition frequency and angular resolution. It is especially suitable for automatic collision avoidance for moving cars, pedestrian detection, lane detection, lane departure warning, as well as controlling the vehicles to conduct automatic following-up, etc.

Adopting multi-level signal proposal technology, high-frequency pulse occur-rence technology, and multi-pulse echo technology;

Wide range of detection, high frequency of measurement destinations, strong environment suitability, availability to be used in large-angled scenarios;

Compact structure and small size.

                                                           The measured curve of 360 single point


Measuring distance /ranging precision:150m / ± 5cm (80% reflecting surface)

Horizontal field angle/horizontal resolution/divergence angle:Max:360 °/0.09 °/1*4mrad

Scanning frequency/measuring point frequency:20Hz/80KHz

Laser wavelength/safety level:905nm/ Level 1 (eye safety)

Operating voltage/power consumption:12±2VDC/10W

Protection class:IP68

Operating/storage temperature:-40℃-80℃/-50℃-85℃

Typical applications in transportation industry:

anti-collision warning, which can achieve automatic avoidance and pedestrian detection during driving vehicles; driving guidance in adaptive cruise, which helps to achieve lane maintenance and following driving.

                                                       Lane detection and lane departure warning

                                                                       Aided driving

Intelligent industrial vehicle

WLR-712 LiDAR can scan field at a view from 360°, thus it is suitable for AGV scenarios under wide-angle scenarios.It can achieve the automatic positioning and navigation of AGV cars and is characterized as correct positioning and soft lines so that the AGV can make small cars to be suitable for different application scenarios.

The intelligent inspection AGV product mainly comprises of AGV car body and intelligent monitoring devices, etc. The system is developed for dangerous working environments including transformer substations and underground tunnels. This equipment carries out the camera shooting and image transmission work in dangerous areas.


Laser forklift The product combines laser navigation with inertial navigation technology. The product would achieve higher control precision and higher safety factor. It can freely change navigation modes in different environments and can be applied to material handling in complex environments including indoor, outdoor, upstairs and downstairs.

WLR-712 LiDAR can be applied in laser forklifts for anti-collision,positioning and navigation.

AGV is a transportation vehicle which is equipped with automatic guiding devices such as electromagnetism or optics. It can drive along the guided route. It has safety protection as well as various moving shipping functions.

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