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  • Product name: WLR-710 LiDAR
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  • Code: WLR-710

WLR-710采用激光飞行时间(Time of Flight)原理,结合高频激光脉冲发生技术、高效精密的光学系统、高灵敏度接收电路、高精度计时电路、高速扫描系统,在360°/40米范围内快速精准测距,并且可应用于各种恶劣环境和天气。可广泛应用于公路交通情况调查、城市车辆检测以及服务车辆检测等方面。

Long-lasting cast aluminum alloy shell with firm structures;

Protection grade as IP68, water and dust proof, and able to be comfortably accommodated to complicated environment;

Measurement distance as 40 meters with strong detection capacity and easy scanning of 10 lanes.


WLR-710 can accurately collect the 3D profile of vehicles and has extraordinary performance in the aspects of test precision and anti-interference. This system can classify vehicles automatically (to be small vehicles, middle-sized vehicles, large vehicles, and oversize vehicles), and it can also realize the functions like traffic statistics and vehicle speed detection, etc.


Measuring distance /ranging precision:40m / ± 6cm (10% reflecting surface)

Scan angle/angle resolution:Max::360°/0.5°

Scanning frequency:50HZ

Laser wavelength/safety level:905nm/ Level 1 (eye safety)

Operating voltage:24±4VDC

Protection class:IP68

Operating/storage temperature:-40℃-80℃/-40℃-80℃

The scanning laser sensor through independent research and development has adopted the advanced pattern recognition algorithm so that it is able to perceive the 3D profile of cars accurately, thus realizing the functions like automatic classification of cars (conforming to the requirements in the classification of Type II Vehcles), traffic statistics, and vehicle speed detection at breakpoints. Ministry of Transport has passed the authoritative authentication for the system, which can completely meet the needs of survey for road traffic conditions.

           Survey of highway traffic conditions

  Vehicle detector system

                  Vehicle detection system at service areas

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