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  • Product name: WEIH351 hand-held dispenser
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WEIH351

The WEIH351 hand-held dispenser is a portable wireless OBU dispenser. The product has various functions including the issuance, activation, detection of OBUs, IC card detection and data management. Customer can easily operate the product with one hand.

OBU issuance and activation

The product has a built-in 5.8GHz DSRC module, so the product can achieve primary issuance and secondary issuance and activation of OBUs.

IC card detection and data management

The product has built-in IC card read-write modules which is comply with standard ISO14443A and ISO7816. Additionally, the product supports MIFAREI contact-free logic encryption cards, MIFARE PRO/PRO-X dual-interface CPU cards and DESFIRE cards. Lastly, the product can operate various functions including IC read-write, detection and data management.

The product is compact and easy to use

The product has compact and ergonomic design;

The product supports touch screen and button operation. Additionally, the product has bi-color indicator lights.

Various interface extension

The product has Ethernet ports and USB ports;

The product can online update programs and applications.

[Platform features]

CPU:ARM9 processor

Operating system: Embedded Linux


Communication interface:Ethernet port and USB port

Storage space:64MB SDRAM and 64MB NAND flash, expandable through 32GB MICRO-SD card

LCD:320×240, 24-bit true color, with resistive touch screen

[Technical features]

Technical codes:

The microwave communication product insists three codes:

1.<Short-Range Communications for Electronic Toll Collection GB/T20851> 

2.<ISO7816>, PSAM interface Standard

3.<ISO7816>, <ISO14443A>, user card interface standard 

IC card form:Built-in 3 PSAM card sockets, and contact-free IC card reader

Read-write IC card type:PSAM card, logic encryption card, dual-interface CPU card

[Environmental and mechanical properties]

Operating temperature:-20℃~+65℃

Mean time to failure: >25,000 h

Vibration Compliance with GB/T2423.13

Overall dimension:208mm×90mm×32mm


Enclosure material:ABS+PC

Color:Silvery gray and reddish orange

[Standard accessories]

Battery:Lithium polymer battery 3900 mAh

Adapter Input:AC220V; Output: DC5V

Cable:special network cable; MiniUSB special data cable

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