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  • Product name: Vehicle Detector System
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The vehicle detector system accesses to the traffic information collection system platform of Transportation Bureaus to effectively integrate city traffic flow amount, vehicle speed and other information so as to comprehensively grasp road operation conditions and provide accurate data sources for traffic information release systems.

The system meets the Class II equipment requirements regulated in "Technical Requirements, Management Methods and Detailed Rules on Field Inspection Operation and Implementation About Traffic Survey Equipment", the latest standards of traffic survey equipment released by Ministry of Transport, which can achieve automatic model classification of motor vehicles (based on the requirements of motor vehicle class II), traffic statistics, spot speed detection and other functions. The system has been tested by the Ministry of Transportation to fully meet the needs of survey of highway traffic conditions.

Flow amount statistics precision:≥98%

Comprehensive model recognition precision:≥90% (Class I model classification)

Speed detection range:0~200km/h

Average speed test precision:≥95%

Number of detected lanes:Up to 10 lanes (installed in the middle of road, within 60 meters wide)

                                      8 lanes (installed at roadside, within 30 meters wide)

Operating temperature:-55℃~70℃


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