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  • Product name: Triple axle scale toll-by-weight system
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: DCS-60KⅡ

The“triple axle scale dynamic weighing system”of Wanji Technology adopts the optimized structural design and the intelligent combination of the joint weighing with the separate weighing make the system achieve advantages of high stability and accuracy through optimizing the original algorithms and logics at the same time. Wanji has newly upgraded the “triple axle scale dynamic weighing system”, which can automatically identify various ways of cheating driving and conduct supplement and correction so as to control the overall anti-fraud error within ±2.5%. 


Bench size: 3.5 * 4.3m (common lane): 4.2 * 4.3m (ultra-wide lane)

Rated load: 60t

Maximum overload capability: 150%F.S

Accuracy level: Level 1 (whole vehicle weighing accuracy)

Level B (Axle or axle group weighing accuracy)

Protection level of weighing sensor: IP68

Operating temperature: -40℃~ +80℃

MTBF: ≥ 20000h




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