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There are great market opportunities for Wanji to develop truck ETC. China’s highway system has 130,000 kilometers in total length. Furthermore, the annual highway freights have exceeded 40 billion tons as well as the accumulated highway logistics market exceeds 40 billion level. These potential markets need the efficient traffic processing techniques and solutions as well as computer information management.

There are several truck traffic problems including how to improve truck traffic efficiency, how to ensure the accuracy of weighing, how to deal with interference from the adjacent lane and following vehicle and how to prevent cheats.

Wanji has taken the largest market share in the Weighing-In-Motion industry for over ten consecutive years. Furthermore, Wanji has taken the widest coverage in Chinese ETC market. Wanji is the only one company to lead both in weighing-in-motion industry and ETC industry. Wanji integrates Weighing-In-Motion and ETC technology perfectly. Additionally, Wanji insists perfect products ‘features including high fault tolerance design, data exchange between weighing and ETC data, eliminate the interference from the adjacent land and the following vehicles.

                                                                   Shanxi’s Truck ETC

Wanji completed the first truck ETC system in Shanxi, China. The ETC system adopts a master controller which control the dual-antenna mode. As a result, the system can improve the lane utilization rate and the truck traffic efficiency. Additionally, the system can fight toll evasion and alleviate the congestion at toll stations.