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  • Product name: DSRC OBU
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WV2X-D923

V2X is a key link between internet of vehicles and automatic drive. V2X can promote transportation revolution including enhances driving safety, increases traffic efficiency and improves drive experience by the information exchange between vehicles and the outside work.

Wanji has accumulated rich technical experience in DSRC and LTE-V. Wanji has developed more than 30 V2X-based applications including front collision alert, assistance in left turning and intersection collision alert.

Wanji has actively participated in association activities. Furthermore, Wanji has  established good partnership with Datang Telecommunication Technology, Huawei and SRTC. Finally, Wanji also becomes a member of the Intelligent Vehicle Integrated Test Area (i-VISTA) in Chongqing.

Reliable communication

The product has big reliable communication radius and ensure 100% packet reception rate. Furthermore, the product has a short communication time-delay which is normally shorter than 5 milliseconds. Finally, the product adapts to complex road environment including multi lanes and high movement speed. The product would not reduce the signal under high movement speed.

High precision positioning

The product has a differential BeiDou module to achieve high positioning precision.

The product can achieve mile level in the precision positioning.

Data interfaces are rich

The product has multiple data transfer methods including USB2.0, Ethernet, CAN and audio ports.

Powerful processing function

The product has a powerful processor and a complete software system.

Easy use

The product has several advantages including small, easy to install and low power consumption.

Standards & protocols:IEEE802.11p-2000、IEEE1609、IEEE802.11an-2012、ARIB?STD-T109-2012、ESTIES2-2663、SAEJ2735-2009

Data interface:USB2.0、CAN、Ethernet、Audio

Communication index:Operating frequency range: 5850-5925MHz adjustable

                              Operating bandwidth: 10MHz

                              Transmitted power: 23dbm (maximum)

                              Transmission speed: 3-27Mbps

                              Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm (highest)

                              Number of antennas:2

Physical feature Size:160*142*45mm

Power voltage:12/24

Operating system:Linux3.10.17

Positioning precision:1m (under sound conditions)

Working environment:-40℃ -85℃