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  • Product name: WLR-711 LiDAR
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WLR-711

WLR-711采用激光-时间飞行(Time of Flight)原理,结合高频激光脉冲发生技术、高效精密的光学系统、高精度计时电路、高速扫描系统和多脉冲回波技术,在180°/30米范围内快速精准测距,可广泛应用于出入口车型分类、车辆轮廓尺寸检测等方面

Reliable timing circuit for accurate timing and high precision within short distance;

Multi-pulse echo, multiple collections, strong anti-interference capability;

Angular resolution as 0.25° with subtle partition and subtle feature recognition

                               Snowy day                                                                        rain

                                                              Test curve of extreme environment

                                                                711 tire identification simulation


Measuring distance /ranging precision:30m / ± 3cm (10% reflecting surface)

Scan angle/angle resolution:Max:180°/0.25°& 0.5°

Scanning frequency:50HZ

Laser wavelength/safety level:905nm/ Level 1 (eye safety)

Operating voltage:24±4VDC

Protection class:IP68

Operating/storage temperature:-40℃-80℃/-40℃-80℃


  3D profile detection system

Vehicle classification system at entrances and exits

Outline size measurement system for motor vehicles