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  • Product name: Outline Size Detection System
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The outline size detection system is an intelligent system which automatically measures the dimension of vehicles with superior environment applicability, stable and reliable equipment operation. By uploading the detection data in real-time, it brings great convenience for information sharing and querying, thus improving the fairness of law enforcement, effectively reducing the workload of the first-line overrun control staff, and improving the efficiency of overrun control.

WLR-711 adopts multi-pulse echo technology, featuring high short-range measurement precision, small size, sophisticated structure design, high integration degree and stylish appearance. With the dual laser program, it can accurately obtain the width/height information of vehicles, while with the triple laser program it can accurately obtain the length/width/height information, so it is suitable for the vehicle length/width/height detection in high-speed pre-detection and low-speed precise inspection, and also can be applied to overrun detection at overrun control stations or entrance of tollgates.

Low-speed precise detection

Length precision:≤15cm (confidence 98%)

Width precision:≤5cm (confidence 98%)

Height precision:≤5cm (confidence 98%)

High-speed pre-detection

Outline size (measurement of length, width and height) can customized as 2 lanes, 3 lanes and 4 lanes program based on users' needs.

Average speed precision:≥ 90% (confidence 98%)

Length precision:Length≤10 meters,error ≤30cm

                        Length ≥10m, error ≤3% (confidence 98%)

Width precision:≤10cm (confidence 98%)

Height precision:≤10cm (confidence 98%)

Flow amount statistics precision:≥ 99%​

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