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  • Product name: Highway pre-test solution
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In recent years, with the rapid growth of car ownership and development of road freight industry in China, the demand of overweight and overrun is also increasing rapidly. As a result, the market need higher requirements on the traditional overweight and overrun management solutions. With years of technical accumulation in dynamic weighing industry, Wanji technology integrate product resources, introduces a highway pre-testing system solution based on highway dynamic weighing technology, license plate identification sub-technology, alarm display, computer network and database technology.

The solution conducts weighing pre-testing on vehicles passing bridges or highways to screen suspected overweight vehicles, and then, uploads vehicle-related data to the management center, so as to guide the suspected vehicles to receive re-weighing in the fixed overweight testing station ahead. The effective identification of suspected vehicles can significantly lower the testing workload, improve the efficiency of overweight testing enforcement and reduce the traffic congestion resulting from the overweight testing, while effectively collecting the traffic data related to roads and bridges.

荷载能力(单轴):30 t
工作电压:AC220V ±15%,50Hz±4Hz