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  • 产品名称: ​WIM direct enforcement
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  WanJi WIM Direct Enforcement System is to regulate overloading truck in free flow situation with the speed 0-130 km/h. This all-inclusive WIM Direct enforcement solution includes high-speed weigh-in-motion system, LiDAR, ANPR, the traffic video monitoring system and WIM data management platform. This system collects not only accurate truck weight data but also the complete chain of legal evidence to perform weight enforcement. The front part of the system (the weighing system and LiDAR system) would collect and update real-time traffic data including  axle weights, gross vehicle weights, axle number, axle distance, single or dual tire, date and time, location, plate number, speed, vehicle driving direction to the platform. Based on these data, the platform can automatically determine whether truck is overloaded or not.  Up to 2018 March, WanJi has finished 201 lanes for WIM direct enforcements system.

                                      WanJi WIM Direct Enforcement System

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Load capacity (single axle)  30t
Overload capability (single axis) 200%
Gross vehicle mass (GVM) ≤±2.5%
Sensor lifespan ≥30 million axes
Mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥20,000h
Operational Voltage AC220V±10%,50Hz±4Hz
Operational Temperature -40~80℃
Humidity 0~95%
Installation method Superficial inlay on the pavement
Protection Code   IP 68
Speed Measurement Range (0-100) Km/h

                  WanJi Direct Enforcement System Demo consist Bar Weighing Sensor,

                                                       LiDAR, ANPR and VMSh

                                        WanJi Direct Enforcement system in Taizhou


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