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  • Product name: Comprehensive overweight and overrun control platform
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Based on Hadoop's Big Data technology, Wanji's comprehensive overweight and overrun control platform products achieves centralized management of various information from overweight and overrun control sites. The product provides a unified process for law enforcement departments at provincial, municipal and county levels. In the meantime, Wanji achieves cross-regional and cross-department overweight and overrun control data sharing and work coordination. Wanji analyzes overweight and overrun data to provide data support for law enforcement and management of road administration departments at all levels.

Product Advantages

[Completeness of law enforcement evidence]

The platform provides complete evidence for law enforcement, including snapshot photos, video tips, and travel waveform taken when vehicles travel, as well as testing certificate and batch certificates from other sites.

[Customizable law enforcement processes]

The platform supports the dynamic expansion of operation processes, process tailoring and other customized services to overcome non-uniform law enforcement processes in different provinces as well as differentiated and individual needs.

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