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  • Product name: 3rd generation of RSU
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  Road side unit (RSU) is the key equipment for the ETC lane system. Based on the two generation RSU, Wanji develops the third generation RSU which integrates three major techniques. They are the mature phased array technology, DBF technology and LiDAR technology.

  First of all, the product can not only make phased array to extend the transaction coverage, but also avoids the traffic problem of adjacent interference by using the digital beam-forming technology. Therefore, the product guarantees the transaction will be successful. Secondly, the product adopts LIDAR technology to classify the vehicle types in real-time Therefore, the product can rule out several traffic problems including following vehicle, ETC evasions and cheats.



 The product insists two codes  1.<Short-Range Communications for Electronic Toll Collection GB/T20851>2.<Technical Requirements for Networked Electronic Toll Collection for Toll Road>
 Overall dimension   449mm×333mm×110mm
 Enclosure material  hard aluminum alloy
 RSU antenna enclosure  ABS+PC
 Installation method  Portal frame or road side pole, hanging from the top or the side
 Phased array, three-dimensional laser and DBF supported, Highest precision      0.1m
 Target tracking  Supported
 Vehicle type identification Supported  Error<0.5m
 HMI  LCD display
 Power supply   AC 220V/50Hz:acceptable voltage range, AC 85-300V
 Communication interface  RS485, Ethernet, USB1.1 or USB2.0, I/O
 PSAM card  4 built-in PSAM decks is comply with the Financial Card Transaction Code by PBOC
 SD card  1 built-in SD card deck can support up to 8GB storage cards
 Communication zone Width  0~3.5M (adjustable) Length: 0~20M (adjustable)
 Protection grade  IP67
 Reliability  MTBF > 70000h
 Operating temperature  -45℃~+80℃
 Operating humidity range  5% ~ 100%
 Anti-electromagnetic interference    Static electricity 8kV
 Vibration Compliance with GB/T2423.13  
 Impact Compliance with Test Eh and the guideline in GB/T2423.6  
 Salt fog Compliance with GB/T2423.18