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  • Product name: Vehicle Classification System at Entrances and Exits
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The vehicle classification system at entrances and exits can accurately obtain the information such as vehicle height, truck bed size, number of axles, single/double wheels, tire diameter and the wheelbase, which can be used in automatic card-issuing machine lanes, manual lane MTC and ETC lanes, assisting highways to save operating costs, eliminate cheating behavior of changing card to reduce the loss caused by toll evasion, reduce the time vehicle staying on lane, improve service quality, and create intelligent highways.

WLR-711 adopts multi-pulse echo technology, featuring high short-range measurement precision, more accurate vehicle classification, small size, convenient installation and sensitive block sensing.

Comprehensive model recognition precision:≥ 99%

Distinguishing rate of passenger and cargo vehicles:≥ 99%

Axle number recognition precision:≥ 99.5%

Single/double-wheel recognition precision:≥ 99.5%

Speed detection range:0~100km/h

Operating temperature:-40℃ ~85℃

MTBF:≥ 50000h

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