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  • Product name: WEIF343 desktop dispenser
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WEIF343

Wanji developed the WEIF343 which is an ETC desktop dispenser. The product has adjustable transmission power so the product can perform multiple functions including controlling issuance distance easily, providing primary issuance, secondary issuance, function tests of OBUs, data management and data inquiry. Additionally, operators can even use the product in the sales store.

WEIF343 is the first product with various features including acoustic and visual signaling and OLED display

OLED display can visualize the operation result. Therefore, the product does not need to judge operation success or failure by other approaches.

The product is combination of IC card issuance and OBU issuance

The product has a built-in 5.8GHz DSRC module, so the product can achieve primary issuance and secondary issuance of OBUs.

The product has a built-in IC card read-write module. Additionally, the product is compatible with Class A cards and Class B cards under the protocol of ISO 14443.

The product also supports logic encryption card related operation which is compatible with all existing types of IC cards for ETC.

Good compatibility

The product can interact with various ETC electronic tags well. Additionally, the product is comply with national standards and local codes.

The product support various communication interfaces including Ethernet, RS232 and USB. Additionally, the product has optional Bluetooth communication module.

Stable and reliable performance

The product has 32-bit ARM core processor to achieve stable communication and fast issuance.

[Technical features]

Wanji take reference from GB-T20851 series of standard for Microwave communication

Wanji is comply with the protocol of ISO 14443A User card interface standard Class A/B cards

Wanji take reference from CRC16 (cyclic redundancy check) for Error detection on microwave communication Communication encryptions and Multiple DES algorithme

PSAM/ISAM interface standard: ISO-7816

[Electrical and application properties]

Input voltage:6VDC

Computer communication interface:Ethernet, RS232,USB ports and Bluetooth (optional)

PSAM interfaces:Four built-in interfaces, complying with ISO 7816

Mean time to failure:>25,000 h

[Environmental and mechanical properties]

Operating temperature:-20℃~+60℃

Operating humidity range:5% ~ 100%

Static electricity:8kV

Vibration Compliance with GB/T 2423.13

Impact Compliance with Test Eb and the guideline in GB/T2423.6

Lightning shock protection Compliance with GB/T17626.5

Overall dimension:223×181×25.5mm

Enclosure material:ABS+PC+Acrylic

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