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  • Product name: Big Data in Overloading Management
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The overweight and overrun control management platform adopts the six-layer overall planning scheme. The platform has the terminal layer, the network layer, the data layer, the model layer, the service layer and the display layer from bottom to top. In the meantime, all data meet standard and specification system to ensure data applicability. The platform also provides security system to protect the security of the data.


Looking at the physical structure from the bottom up in terms of data flow, the first stage is to collect data through various on-site testing equipment at the front end, and then send the data to the Big Data center and synchronize it to the database service cluster with the data receiving cluster. After Big Data storage and computation, the testing data will be provided to various users, large-screen displays and mobile phone users through the application server cluster for data service.

[Customizable law enforcement processes]

The platform supports the dynamic expansion of operation processes, process tailoring and other customized services to overcome non-uniform law enforcement processes in different provinces as well as differentiated and individual needs.



[Completeness of law enforcement evidence]

The platform provides complete evidence for law enforcement, including snapshot photos, video tips, and travel waveform taken when vehicles travel, as well as testing certificate and batch certificates from other sites.