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Wanji makes the significant effort on nonstop charging on ETC parking lot system. Due to Chinas is undertaking the explosive growth on the number of road motor vehicles, parking problem also becomes an increasingly significant urban issue. Wanji Technology adopts the DSRC technology into the ETC parking lot management system. Additionally, Wanji installed RSU antennas at the entrance and exit of a parking lot.

Wanji is making significant effort to achieve advanced “unmanned, standardized, centralized and user-friendly” management mode. Wanji makes a great amount of investment on ETC parking technology including RSU antenna, the APP and the SaaS platform. ETC parking system is unattended operation and cashless transaction mode. Additionally, the ETC parking system would integrate other management modes including centralized control, Call Center and emergency disposal.

In the future, Wanji’ETC parking system can achieve self-service recharging and cashless transaction for consumption. The system can analyze drivers’ habit. Additionally, the system can also help the customers to make parking reservation

Wanji has installed over 200 ETC parking lot equipment in China. These equipment receive the great customer satisfaction.