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  • Product name: WEIH351C hand-held dispenser
  • 产品名称:
  • Code: WEIH351C

The WEIH351 hand-held dispenser is a portable wireless OBU dispenser. The product has various functions including the issuance, activation, detection of OBUs, IC card detection and data management. The product is stable, reliable and easy to use and carry.

Good compatibility and powerful function

The product can interact with various ETC electronic tags well. Additionally, the product is comply with national standards and local codes.

The product has powerful processing capacity and large memory. The product adopts Android OS 5.1 operating system and Cortex-A7 four-core.

Full industrial-grade design

The product can cope with various complex scenarios including resistance against fall and vibration.

The product supports two input forms including button and touch approaches:

The product has two input forms which allow device can operate under any harsh environment. Therefore, the product ensure the normal operation of businesses.

User-friendly HMI

The product is designed from users ‘perspective.  UI is practical and has good user experience. Wanji would conduct customization development in light of customers ‘need.

Wide range of application

The highway operators can use the product for toll collection on emergency, parking lots and roadside parking. The product has several practical functions such as fault detection, sensitivity adjustment and license plate identification.

Long battery life

The product adopts rational power consumption strategy to increase battery life significantly.

[Platform features]

CPU:Four-core 1.1GHz ARM7 processor

Operating system:Android5.1.1


Communication interface:Ethernet port, USB port, 4G network, WiFi and Bluetooth interface

Storage space:8GB EMMC Flash, expansible with 32GB SD/TF card

LCD:320×480, 262K colors, 3.5-inch screen

Camera:800W pixels, video recording, photographing

[Technical features]

Technical codes:

The microwave communication product insists three codes:

1.<Short-Range Communications for Electronic Toll Collection GB/T20851> 

2.<ISO7816>, PSAM interface Standard

3.<ISO7816>, <ISO14443A>, user card interface standard 

IC card form:Built-in 3 PSAM card sockets, and contact-free IC card reader

Read-write IC card type:PSAM card, logic encryption card, dual-interface CPU card

[Environmental and mechanical properties]

Operating temperature:-15℃~+65℃

Mean time to failure: >25,000h

Vibration Compliance with GB/T2423.13

Overall dimension:170mm×72mm×35mm


Enclosure material:High-strength engineering plastics

Color:Black + yellow

[Standard accessories]

Battery: Lithium polymer battery 3800 mAh

Adapter voltage Input: AC220V; Output: DC5V